“Pick and choose what you want to hear, and how you want to hear it;
make music yours”

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Pickasound is more than a social network; it is a movement for
the free expression of musical ideas online.

Collaborate Freely!
About Pickasound
Pickasounds platform recognizes the spontaneous expression of musical ideas as a gift that we all possess, and should use to communicate and collaborate with people all over the world, who share a universal love of music.
The Internet has fostered an explosion of amateur musicians whose very existence is the direct result of the creative works of others; enabling everyday people to sing cover songs, build onto melodies, create remixes, and discover talents they never knew they had.
We believe that the simple application of recording or uploading sounds unto a waveform music player can bring all of these people together, essentially creating a movement for the free expression of musical ideas online.
Pickasound Team

Toju Ometoruwa
Founder and Creative Genius

Toju is a music producer who has spent the past 3 years crafting and promoting his unique alternative sounds through Soundcloud. Along the way, he discovered that his full creative talents were often stifled by an inability to properly express his musical ideas to peers online. His foresight into the needs of amateur musicians has enabled him to construct the ideology of Pickasound, and create the foundation for this revolutionary online platform.

Adam Koehler
Cofounder and Promotional Wizard

Adams witty use of social media has captured the minds of thousands of followers from around the globe. An electronic music producer, songwriter, and piano player since age 8, Adam has also worked in music publishing, promotion and booking.
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